(a). Aerospace Engineering

(b). Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

(c). Airline Cabin Crew

(d). Airline Ticketing

(e). ATPL Ground Training

(f). Pilots License


(a). Construction Design

(b). Drafting Technology

(c). Interior Architecture

(d). Landscaping & Gardening


(a). Accounting & Finance

(b). Banking & Finance

(c). Professional Accounting

Business Studies

(a). Business Analytics

(b). Business Administration

(c). Global Business Transfer


(a). Fashion Design

(b). Professional Design

(c). Pattern Making

(d). Textile & Garment


(a). Civil Engineering

(b). Computer Systems & Network Engineering

(c). Electrical & Electronic Engineering

(d). Electrical Electronics

(e). Electrical Mechatronics

(f). Global Engineering Transfer

(g). Hardware Engineering

(h). Information Systems Engineering

(i). Manufacturing Engineering

(j). Materials Engineering

(k). Mechanical Engineering

(l). Software Engineering


(a). Health & Safety

(b). Law & Criminology

(c). Nursing


(a). English

(b). English & TESOL

(c). French

(d). Japanese

(e). Russian


(a). Business Management

(b).Construction Management

(c). Event Management

(d). Hospitality & Management

(e). Hotel Management & Tourism

(f). Human Capital Management

(g). Human Resource Management

(h). Logistics & Supply Management

(i). Marketing Management & Tourism

(j). Project Management

(k). Quantity Surveying


(a). International Business With Marketing

(b). Marketing & Public Relations

(c). Marketing & Branding


(a). Audio Production & Music

(b). Broadcasting & Journalism

(c). Creative Multimedia

(d). Graphic & Animation Design

(e). Interactive Media

(f). Journalism & Media


(a).Psychology/ Pre- Medicine

(b). Counselling Psychology


(a). Biological Sciences

(b). Biotechnology

(c). Data Science

(d). Global Biomedical Transfer

(c). Physical Sciences

(d). Social Science


(a). Cyber & Computer Security

(b). Ethical Hacking & Network Security

(c). Information & Technology

(d). Digital Marketing

The meticulous curriculum focuses on the fundamentals of computer science, statistics, and applied mathematics, while incorporating real-world examples. Graduates are prepared to succeed in special ...

Start : February / September | Duration : 4 Years | Level : degree

Advanced Level (Local/International) qualification with three simple passes (i.e. 3 S passes) from the Science stream (Maths or Bio) or the Technology stream.

Course structure and modules ...

Start : 16th September 2019 | Duration : 3 Years | Level : degree

Degree with 1-year experience in the relevant field or Advanced Level (Local/International) qualification with three simple passes (i.e. 3 S passes) with 3-years’ experience in the relevant f ...

Start : 17 August 2019 | Duration : 1 Year | Level : diploma

This Diploma in IT is designed for students after school, the opportunity to obtain a practical useful program in IT (Information Technology) with latest technological concepts to be future ready f ...

Start : Please Contact Us | Duration : 4 months / 6 months | Level : diploma

This new degree programme is designed to respond to the modern challenges that arise from the availability of vast amounts of data in many areas of our life. Handling big data requires a synergy be ...

Start : Please Contact us | Duration : 3 Years | Level : Degree