(a). Aerospace Engineering

(b). Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

(c). Airline Cabin Crew

(d). Airline Ticketing

(e). ATPL Ground Training

(f). Pilots License


(a). Construction Design

(b). Drafting Technology

(c). Interior Architecture

(d). Landscaping & Gardening


(a). Accounting & Finance

(b). Banking & Finance

(c). Professional Accounting

Business Studies

(a). Business Analytics

(b). Business Administration

(c). Global Business Transfer


(a). Fashion Design

(b). Professional Design

(c). Pattern Making

(d). Textile & Garment


(a). Civil Engineering

(b). Computer Systems & Network Engineering

(c). Electrical & Electronic Engineering

(d). Electrical Electronics

(e). Electrical Mechatronics

(f). Global Engineering Transfer

(g). Hardware Engineering

(h). Information Systems Engineering

(i). Manufacturing Engineering

(j). Materials Engineering

(k). Mechanical Engineering

(l). Software Engineering


(a). Health & Safety

(b). Law & Criminology

(c). Nursing


(a). English

(b). English & TESOL

(c). French

(d). Japanese

(e). Russian


(a). Business Management

(b).Construction Management

(c). Event Management

(d). Hospitality & Management

(e). Hotel Management & Tourism

(f). Human Capital Management

(g). Human Resource Management

(h). Logistics & Supply Management

(i). Marketing Management & Tourism

(j). Project Management

(k). Quantity Surveying


(a). International Business With Marketing

(b). Marketing & Public Relations

(c). Marketing & Branding


(a). Audio Production & Music

(b). Broadcasting & Journalism

(c). Creative Multimedia

(d). Graphic & Animation Design

(e). Interactive Media

(f). Journalism & Media


(a).Psychology/ Pre- Medicine

(b). Counselling Psychology


(a). Biological Sciences

(b). Biotechnology

(c). Data Science

(d). Global Biomedical Transfer

(c). Physical Sciences

(d). Social Science


(a). Cyber & Computer Security

(b). Ethical Hacking & Network Security

(c). Information & Technology

(d). Digital Marketing

Information systems engineering specialty programme is the key to develop and manage complex systems that solve real-world problems. The students get to enhance their knowledge on areas namely, Pro ...

Start : February / June / September | Duration : 4 Years | Level : degree

The programme aims to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and comprehension required to allow them to contribute to the planning, design and management of modern network-based computer sys ...

Start : February / June / September | Duration : 4 Years | Level : degree

The course is designed for students who wish to gain an accelerated early career in cyber/information security. It will prepare you for a successful career in the various roles directly and indirec ...

Start : February / June / September | Duration : 4 Years | Level : degree

Our Interactive Media degree will give you the capability to create the new varieties of interactive media content that are transforming our society and culture. The unique multidisciplinary degree ...

Start : February / June / September | Duration : 4 Years | Level : degree

Software engineering is the discipline of designing, creating and maintaining software by applying technologies and practices from computer science, project management, engineering, application dom ...

Start : February / June / September | Duration : 4 Years | Level : degree

The meticulous curriculum focuses on the fundamentals of computer science, statistics, and applied mathematics, while incorporating real-world examples. Graduates are prepared to succeed in special ...

Start : February / September | Duration : 4 Years | Level : degree

This Diploma in IT is designed for students after school, the opportunity to obtain a practical useful program in IT (Information Technology) with latest technological concepts to be future ready f ...

Start : Please Contact Us | Duration : 4 months / 6 months | Level : diploma

A recognized four-year Bachelor degree in engineering, science or a discipline that includes mathematics up to at least year two level, with an average grade of 65% over the final two years; a reco ...

Start : January, May & September | Duration : 2 Years | Level : Master

BIT is a three year undergraduate (external) degree programme providing candidates with up to date knowledge, skills and attitude required to sustain in the field of Computing and ICT. The alumni c ...

Start : Please Contact Us | Duration : 3 Years | Level : Degree

OpenArc is the only BIT teaching institution which handles large scale software development projects such as banking solutions.Taking into consideration the job opportunities that exist for ICT gra ...

Start : Please Contact us | Duration : 3 Years | Level : Degree

Diploma in Information Technology covers project planning to decision making process of information systems according to related business strategies.

Diploma in Information Technology dev ...

Start : January / June / November | Duration : 06 Months | Level : Diploma

Does future focused technology ignite your interest? Do you have a passion for computers? Are you curious to discover how things work? Tomorrow’s web designers, software engineers and app dev ...

Start : Please contact us | Duration : 8 - 12 Months | Level : Diploma

Certified Professional in Information Technology (CPIT) is a comprehensive IT course from PACE that imparts diverse skills & knowledge required for IT Managers and Executives to handle cor ...

Start : Please Contact Us | Duration : 06 Months | Level : Certificate

A Monash College Diploma is a specialist program that provides students with a direct pathway into first or second year at Monash University.

Monash University academic staff helped to de ...

Start : February, June and October | Duration : 8 Months | Level : Diploma