(a). Aerospace Engineering

(b). Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

(c). Airline Cabin Crew

(d). Airline Ticketing

(e). ATPL Ground Training

(f). Pilots License


(a). Construction Design

(b). Drafting Technology

(c). Interior Architecture

(d). Landscaping & Gardening


(a). Accounting & Finance

(b). Banking & Finance

(c). Professional Accounting

Business Studies

(a). Business Analytics

(b). Business Administration

(c). Global Business Transfer


(a). Fashion Design

(b). Professional Design

(c). Pattern Making

(d). Textile & Garment


(a). Civil Engineering

(b). Computer Systems & Network Engineering

(c). Electrical & Electronic Engineering

(d). Electrical Electronics

(e). Electrical Mechatronics

(f). Global Engineering Transfer

(g). Hardware Engineering

(h). Information Systems Engineering

(i). Manufacturing Engineering

(j). Materials Engineering

(k). Mechanical Engineering

(l). Software Engineering


(a). Health & Safety

(b). Law & Criminology

(c). Nursing


(a). English

(b). English & TESOL

(c). French

(d). Japanese

(e). Russian


(a). Business Management

(b).Construction Management

(c). Event Management

(d). Hospitality & Management

(e). Hotel Management & Tourism

(f). Human Capital Management

(g). Human Resource Management

(h). Logistics & Supply Management

(i). Marketing Management & Tourism

(j). Project Management

(k). Quantity Surveying


(a). International Business With Marketing

(b). Marketing & Public Relations

(c). Marketing & Branding


(a). Audio Production & Music

(b). Broadcasting & Journalism

(c). Creative Multimedia

(d). Graphic & Animation Design

(e). Interactive Media

(f). Journalism & Media


(a).Psychology/ Pre- Medicine

(b). Counselling Psychology


(a). Biological Sciences

(b). Biotechnology

(c). Data Science

(d). Global Biomedical Transfer

(c). Physical Sciences

(d). Social Science


(a). Cyber & Computer Security

(b). Ethical Hacking & Network Security

(c). Information & Technology

(d). Digital Marketing

This programme aims to produce professional nurses who will be able to practice both
locally and internationally. The students will be trained by an experienced panel of lecturers who are ac ...

Start : June | Duration : 3 Years | Level : diploma

This course is especially designed for those who wish to pursue a career in Nursing. Those who enjoy working with people and care about promoting good health may be interested in pursuing such a ca ...

Start : Please Contact Us | Duration : 3 Years | Level : Diploma

If you enjoy working with people & care about good health you may be interested in pursuing a career in Nursing. Nurse can be involved in caring for the sick, rehabilitation, promoting health, ...

Start : Please Contact Us | Duration : 1 Year | Level : Certificate

Now, with the collaboration between Open University Malaysia and IIHS (Learning Center for Open University of Malaysia), our Nurses will have the opportunity to upgrade their knowledge by furtherin ...

Start : Please Contact Us | Duration : 2 Years | Level : Degree

If you are an IIHS Advanced Diploma of Nursing graduate and eligible for registration in Sri Lanka, you can now fast track your career with a Bachelor of Nursing at Deakin. Deakin recognizes your s ...

Start : Please Contact Us | Duration : 4 Years | Level : Degree

This is the cetificate course of Ayurvedic Elderly Care and Nursing. This course duration is 72 hours. This course mainly introduction to Ayurvedic therapeutic and fundamentals of&nb ...

Start : Please Contact Us | Duration : 72 Hours | Level : Certificate

KIU currently offers the only Nursing Degree accredited from the UGC by a private sector higher education institute in Sri Lanka. The BSc (Hons) in nursing degree programme is available for enrollm ...

Start : Please Contact Us | Duration : 2 Years | Level : Degree